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About us

About us


We are experts in creating solutions involved in the world of color for the plastic and textile industries, adding impact to the products., through tailor-made developments to the needs and thanks to our proven technical knowledge in the whole process chain.

We are recognized manufacturers of MASTERBATCH (color concentrates) and pigments for the plastic industry, focused on special developments and creation of effects in different base polymers, especially in engineering resins. base, especially in engineering resins.

In the textile industry, we focus on generating clean and sustainable high-tech auxiliary chemicals, dyes and optical brighteners for the continuous and discontinuous processes of preparation, dyeing and conventional, functional, specialty and laundry finishing.

The knowledge and technology beyond the product allows us to provide effective technical advice for all applications and process implementation that enables our customers to develop their own products and proposals more quickly with the main objective of meeting their requirements.


SUMICOLOR has been in the Colombian domestic market since 1987, providing process solutions, technical advice and commercializing products for the Plastic and Textile sectors.


To develop, produce and commercialize in an agile and reliable way color concentrates, additives, chemical and auxiliary products of excellent quality applicable to diverse processes of the plastic and textile industries, providing an excellent customer service.


In 2024, we will be the best company in the development of color solutions, additives, chemicals and auxiliary products for the plastics and textile industry in the geographies where we operate, with products of excellent quality, providing the best service and technical advice to our customers.







Technical Expertise


SUMICOLOR S.A. is committed to generate value and trust in its stakeholders with emphasis on sustainability and efficiency in its processes, through the strengthening of the commitment of the human team that integrates the organization.

We focus on customer satisfaction, effective management of risks and opportunities; ensuring the safety and health of our workers and stakeholders, by managing occupational risks and promoting a culture of self-care; establishing controls to prevent pollution and protect the environment.

Our Integral Management Policy is framed in compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the organization and other interested parties.

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